God is watching… but what is he watching?  He is watching over His Word to perform it.  What exactly does that mean and how does it translate to my life?

Jeremiah chapter one tells us the key.  The Lord told Jeremiah that He was going to anoint His mouth and put His very own words of power in Jeremiah’s mouth.  All Jeremiah had to do was to SPEAK out the Words of the Lord.  When he did amazing things happened.  In fact we are still experiencing the effects of those words today!

God said that His Word released through our mouths will overthrow, root out, pull down, destroy, build and plant.  HOW could that be?  Very simply because He is watching over HIS WORD to perform it!  God is the power, we are just the vessel He is using to unleash that power!

The Lord went even further with Jeremiah, by telling him what he shouldn’t say.  “Don’t say I am only a youth”.  God didn’t want Jeremiah to focus on his own outward stature or inabilities.  He didn’t want Jeremiah to make the mistake of believing that the fulfillment of any of His Words would be by Jeremiah’s power.

When we focus on our inadequacies and weaknesses and draw back from the Word of the Lord, we are focusing on the wrong thing. And if our focus is wrong our words will be too.  God never said He would watch over whatever WE decide to say about a situation. He said He watches over His WORD coming out of our mouths.

So there you have it.  God is watching.  Let’s give Him something to move on!

2 Responses to “God Is Watching”

  1. Kevin says:

    Wow honey! It’s nice to know that you are actually paying attention when I am teaching.

  2. Darlene says:

    Does anybody out there remember “kindergarten baby, wash your face in gravy”? I don’t want to get to heaven and be the tallest in the Kindergarten class. In other words, I want to grow up spiritually. No more wagging around a baby bottle. I’m putting God’s Word in my mouth and taking my eyes off of my outward stature and my inabilities – trading up! The heart of a grasshopper for the GIANT KILLER model!
    Thank you, God, for YOUR mountain moving equipment, Your Word! I’m going to put my shovel back in the shed!

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