on December 12th, 2009

Just thinking of an old song that I used to love by Anointed, entitled, “The Call”.  Here are some of the words:

“For the sake of the Call, I am laying down my all

No turning back, looking straight ahead

I’m on the right track

And it’s all for the sake of The Call.”

This is where I intend to live today and everyday.  Just saying…

on October 20th, 2009

Isn’t it amazing how stepping out in faith and changing one area of your life impacts everything in your life?  It’s like that scripture in 1 Corinthians 12:26 that says when one part of the body suffers the whole body suffers and when one part of the body is honored the whole body rejoices.

One change can seem so insignificant and yet when it is directed by God, and we obey in faith, everything in our life is changed. I find that amazing! And it inspires me to obey.

on October 19th, 2009

I think it is the most amazing thing that we can be led a step at a time into the greatness of God’s plan for each of our lives when we don’t even know all that His plan encompasses for us.  The more I grow in the knowledge of God’s Word the more I come to appreciate the ministry and help of the Holy Spirit in my life. He searches the mind of God for His plan for each of us and then in accordance with God’s plan, He leads and directs us a step at a time. He gives us insight into things we could never access with our human minds.  WOW!

I am grateful for my salvation and for the reality of heaven in my future.  But I am also extremely grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit in my life RIGHT NOW, coming to my aid and assistance to maneuver me and keep in the path prepared for me by God. Thank you Lord for the Holy Ghost!

on August 24th, 2009

We just purchased a new mattress that is heavenly -thus it’s name – heavenly bed.  We haven’t slept this great in years!!  Until last night.  Last night Olivia jumped up on the bed and crawled up to lay down in-between Kevin and I.  (We just recently purchased Hugh and Olivia a nice, new bed of their own and they have been happily sleeping on them at night.  Until last night.)

We were just getting in to bed when Olivia jumped up to try and worm her way in to sleeping with us.  Kevin got up with the intent of making her get down and into her new bed but then she gave him those Springer sad eyes and he caved – crashed -dive bombed – folded – No seriously he just couldn’t make her get down.  He looked into those big brown Springer eyes and he felt like a total creep.

So… this morning we awakened but with very little sleep. Olivia and Hughie (yes he soon joined her) had me shoved to the edge of the bed where I vicariously clung for the remainder of the night.  I froze because the windows were opened but I had no covers.  The dogs were laying on them and I couldn’t pull hard enough to compensate for their weight.  I awakened with a stiff neck that I have been nursing all day.  Kevin had his left arm pit shredded by the claws on her flinching back feet which moved according to whatever weird dreams she had during the night.

THEY woke up feeling great.  WE woke up feeling like we had been hit by a mac truck and suddenly being a creep was sounding REALLY good.

At least I’m looking forward to tonight’s sleep.  Kevin’s armpits can’t take another beating so I know the Springer eyes won’t work tonight.  :)

on August 23rd, 2009

Hughie and Olivia are staying with Trent and Jess and little Jake at their house while we are gone to Europe.  So in an effort to keep the dogs off their furniture we invested in a kids gate so they can be kept in the laundry room on their beds while T&J are gone to work.  We tried it the other day when we went to work.

You can imagine our curiosity as we were driving home.  We pulled in the garage opened the door in to the laundry room expecting to see them in there wagging their tails.  They were wagging their tails – on the OTHER side of the gate.  The only ones gated into the laundry room were Kevin and I.  I bet they weren’t kept in there longer than about 3 minutes after we left.

Plan B – We purchased a HIGHER gate.  If they get out of this they are stinking Houdini’s!! Or they paid someone to break them out of the slammer.

on August 3rd, 2009

As you know we watched the boys for Nate and Evan this past week while they took the Go Deep Youth to C4C and had an amazing encounter with God!  For the boys it was week two without mom and dad as we had all gone to the CUFI Washington Summit the week before.  They did really great and only mentioned missing mom and dad one night – after they got in a bit of trouble for fooling around instead on going to sleep! :)

Evan informed us yesterday morning that Samuel was sobbing for Papa and that the boys were missing being with us.  I’ve got to say that made us feel really good!!  It’s great to be loved… and missed too!  Love those little guys! xoxoxo

on July 31st, 2009

Here we are almost at the end of our 5 days with Matthew and Samuel.  We have had the best time playing with and praying with and just hanging out with them!!  Today we decided to do a family fun day and took the boys to the River Valley Nature Center over in Fort Smith by Gator Golf.  It was so much fun.  If you’ve never been I encourage you to pack a picnic lunch (which we didn’t but wish we had) and head out for some great walking trails, canoeing, fishing and touring the Nature Center where they have lots of animals and snakes.  The boys loved it!

We ended the adventure with lunch at McDonalds – No offense intended but their food is awful – can’t stand it!  But the boys really wanted to play in the play area.

After arriving home we wrestled on the bed, had a story time and now they are peacefully napping.  I thought they would be chomping at the bit to get to church to greet mom and dad.  But they were hoping to have time for one last swim!  That made Nana and Papa feel very good! :)

Evan called and they want to pick them up at our house and just have dinner with us.  I guess the boys will get that swim in before they go after all.  It’s been 5 great days. Oh… and for those of you wondering about the puppy… He ended up staying at his house with his Uncle Ben and Aunt Joanie watching him.  Just 6 or so hours the first day let us know we had bitten of WAY more than we could chew.  He is a great little guy but it was just too much with the boys and our two dogs too.  (Thanks Ben and Joanie!)

on July 22nd, 2009

I’ve been in Washington DC since Sunday night and every time I am here I sense a new urgency to pray for this nation.  Our nation wasn’t built upon secularism nor was it built upon socialsim. It was built upon the only foundation that can endure all storms, all enemies, all adversity and all attacks.  TRUTH.  This nation was born and established upon the solid foundation of TRUTH.  Absolute truth.  Unwavering truth.  Truth that will endure forever – It is the truth known as God’s Word.

If we want to see the greatness of America restored, then we must restore the TRUTH that has been tossed aside.  If we want to see the school systems rise again, then restore the TRUTH in our educational system and put the Word of God back into our classrooms.  It we want to see stability and prosperity return to our nation, then we must return to the One Who is truth.  Jesus said, I am the WAY , I am the TRUTH and I am the LIFE.

The future of Amercia doesn’t lie in a politcal party or more federal government.  Our future and our hope is in the Lord.  Period.  We need Him.  We need Him in a big way.  Let us be earnest and unwearied in our prayer lives for this nation and for God to send a Great Awakening here.

on July 4th, 2009

Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!!  We are spending it with our kids and grandkids of course.  But in addition Jess and Jonaie’s parents and their brother Jordan are also joining us, along with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Piersiak.  (This is their first 4th of July married and we get to have them at our house.) And last but not least, the hottest new couple at LWRV – Joel and Jordan.  Joel’s mom and sister are also coming to share in on the fun.  I think I am most excited about Jake, our new grandpuppy joining us tonight.  He has never met Hughie and Olivia so I am sure this will be cute to watch!  I love dogs sooooo much!!!!!

So what did you do to celebrate the 4th?

I am so thankful for the teachings from the Word of God that I have received which has changed my life. One of those teachings, is that of the Authority of the Believer.

What a huge revelation it was for me to realize I didn’t just have to take life as it happened.  And what a blessing to now know that everything that happens in my life isn’t the will and plan of God.  What a changed life I am living because I heard the truth – that I have been seated with Christ in heavenly places and have been empowered by God to choose life and blessing.  This means that when death and cursing try to crush me, I don’t have to let them!!  I can use the authority given to me by Jesus Christ and I can bind the assignments of the devil.

These simple truths have changed my life forever and continue to change my life as I increase in the knowledge of the fullness of my authority in Christ.  I LOVE that I’m not a victim but I am an overcomer and I can always triumph through Christ.

I’ve been a victim, I’ve been an overcomer and overcomer is better. :)